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It is located in the Theplanet Data Center in Texas, US. It radiates the middle east of the United States and extends to Europe.

The intranet of cloud products in different regions is not available, and region switching is not supported after successful creation; It is recommended to select the region closest to your customer to reduce the access delay.

Eastern Zone 1

Intranet interworking of products in the same zone

Instance filtering
Instance name CPU RAM Applicable scenario Reference fee
R1-c2-m2 2 core 2GB Suitable for entry-level, small Web applications, small and medium-sized databases $10.00/month
R1-c2-m4 2 core 4GB Meet the needs of most individual webmasters and small and medium-sized enterprises. Web sites for low concurrency processing $33.80/month
R1-c3-m6 3 core 6GB Applicable to applications in various industries that need balanced computing, memory and network resources $61.20/month
R1-c4-m8 4 core 8GB Suitable for enterprise general class scenario, cost-effective and applicable $57.40/month
Operating system
CentOS Ubuntu Debian

You can reinstall the operating system after purchase. Please go to the console of the VPS to replace the operating system.

Purpose Type Capacity(GB) Quantity Performance
System disk


Public IP
Free allocation of 1 independent public IP
Available traffic


Shared bandwidth
Login method
Automatically generate passwords
Cloud monitoring
Free opening
Open cloud product monitoring, analysis and real-time alarm for free, and install components to obtain host monitoring indicators

1 month

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$24.00/1 month
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