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aaPanel (pagoda panel international version) panel product advantages

Updated Time:2022-08-16  Views:17993

One-click configuration and management
You can configure the server environment (lamp/lnmp/tomcat/node.js) with one click, create and manage websites, databases, and FTP.

SSH service

Provides SSH on and off services, SSH port change, ping prohibition, firewall port release, and operation log viewing.
Rich data monitoring

CPU, memory, disk IO, network IO data monitoring, you can set the record keeping days and view the data of a certain day arbitrarily.
Execute and back up regularly

Scheduled tasks can be added and executed periodically, support SHELL scripts, provide website, database backup and log cutting, and support one-click backup to Youpai cloud storage space or other cloud storage spaces.
Easily manage servers

Eliminating cumbersome command line operations, you can easily manage the server software used for installation through the web interface, as well as practical extension plug-ins.
Efficient file manager

A convenient and efficient file manager is integrated, which supports uploading, downloading, packaging, decompression, and file editing and viewing.