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Resolution of Google Mail Unable to Receive Emails from Our Website

Updated Time:2023-08-11  Views:15425

If you encounter the problem of not receiving the email verification code when registering an account, you can refer to the following methods:

1. First, check if the format of the registered email is correct. If you type more or less, or if you type the wrong number, you can register again with the correct email address.
2. If you still cannot receive the verification code email sent by our website despite confirming that there are no issues with the email format, you can try adding our email to the whitelist in your email settings; After adding the whitelist, you can try resending the system email. [email address: 】

★ The following is a tutorial on Gmail email and adding whitelist entries

Step 1: Login to Gmail account, there is a search bar on the top of the page . Click on the [Show search options] button on the right of the search box, a window specifying the search criteria will appear.


Step 2: In the search criteria window, enter "" in the "From" field, and then click on the "Create filter" located at the bottom right corner of the search window.


After successfully checking, the addition is complete. Then, please return to the registration page and resend the email. If you still cannot receive the email, please contact customer service to assist you in processing!