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How to Purchase A-Series Cloud Servers

Updated Time:2024-01-18  Views:13049

In terms of regional selection, A-Series Cloud Servers are available for purchase in China (Hong Kong), Singapore, and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). This means you can easily access the required cloud server resources in these regions, providing robust support for the expansion of your business.

Here are the steps to purchase A-Series Cloud Servers:

Log in to the homepage of this site and click on 【Cloud Products】 - 【Cloud Servers】. Then click on 【Purchase Now】, as shown in the following figure:Enter the Cloud Server Purchase Page:

Enter the Cloud Server Purchase Page:

Go to the 【Cloud Server Purchase】 page. If you wish to purchase A-Series Cloud Servers in the China (Hong Kong) region, choose 【Availability Zone B】 in the available zone options. You can then select the A-Series Cloud Server configuration you need, as shown in the following figure:


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